Latest Apple Music Ad Highlights Spatial Audio in.. Stereo [Video]


It's stereo, but it is really, really good stereo. Good enough to give you an idea what you can expect from Dolby Atmos in Apple Music.

Apple's Latest Ad for its Music Streaming Services Gives you a Glimpse into the World of Spatial Audio

Right after WWDC 2021, Apple flipped the switch and enabled Spatial Audio / Dolby Atmos support in Apple Music. You must have iOS 14.6 / iPadOS 14.6 installed and subscribed to Apple Music in order to experience this goodness.

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But, if you are not subscribed to Apple Music yet, and want to get a little taste of what Spatial Audio sounds like, then Apple has the ad for you. Remember, it is in stereo, but it is really good stereo and use headphones if you want to experience it at its best:

The surprising thing here is: Apple is not charging a single extra penny if you want to experience Lossless or Spatial Audio. You just need to have the right hardware around your head for it, that's all.

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