The Western Digital WD Gold 18 TB HDD Starts Selling on!

Evan Federowicz
Source: Western Digital

If a business is looking for a long term storage solution, investing in a WD Gold HDD offers extremely high capacities up to 18 TB. This 18 TB model is currently on sale at and has some fantastic features that businesses are sure to love!

The Western Digital WD Gold HDD series now has an 18 TB drive selling on

The WD Gold 18 TB HDD is a reliable solution for a demanding storage environment, offers up to 2.5M hours MTBF and other protection technologies that keep this drive running as efficiently as possible no matter the environment. These technologies also keep the drive safe if users accidentally drop it, or it has some damage done to it.

Source: Western Digital

These drives are specifically designed for use in enterprise-class storage systems and data centers, the combination of both the faster speed and the larger capacity makes these drives perfect for data centers that offer large storage servers for their clients.

The WD Gold 18 TB HDD always utilizes the CMR technology instead of the slower SMR technology, unlike the WD Blue, WD Red and WD Black series of HDD drives. These drives, even with the faster CMR technology, provides a max read speed of roughly 267 MB per second.

These drives are ready to take on the tougher workloads with up to ten times the typical desktop rating when compared to standard HDDs. For businesses looking for long-term protection, the WD Gold 18 TB HDD is supported by a 5-year warranty, which allows businesses to get their use from the drives easily. The 5-year warranty is great for businesses that have multiple servers that store their crucial information.

This drive also utilizes the HelioSeal technology, which allows these drives to offer these larger capacities while not having a larger power draw when compared to the overall size of the drive. This technology utilizes Helium inside the drive to allow the drives to spin easier, and this technology also allows the drives to generate less heat overall.

This drive is currently listed on and costs £520, or $641.60, while this drive is expensive, larger enterprises may find this drive as a perfect addition to their larger storage solution.

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