ASUS ROG Phone Vs Razer Phone Vs Xiaomi Blackshark; Antutu And GeekBench Benchmark Showdown


Last year, Razer led the way with an interesting take on a flagship device, which was bound to happen sooner or later. The company launched its Razer Phone, a device that ran on high-end flagship mobile hardware and claimed to target gamers' needs. At the time, the concept appeared quite novel but now, we've got more devices with a similar promise.

Two of these, the Xiaomi Black Shark and the ASUS ROG phone were launched this year. Today, we've carried out a brief benchmark comparison of the trio, to see which device comes out on top. Head over below for the details.

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The ASUS ROG Phone Vs Xiaomi Black Shark Vs The Razer Phone: Antutu And GeekBench Comparison Gives ROG Phone The Lead

Of course, before we dig into the benchmarks, it's relevant to take a look at the hardware specifications of all three devices first. Since it's the oldest, we'll start off with the Razer Phone and then proceed with the Xiaomi Black Shark and finally, the ASUS ROG Phone. The Razer Phone features Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 with 8GB of RAM. The Snapdragon 835 consists of 4 Kryo 280 cores based on ARM's Cortex A73 clocked at 2.35GHz and 4 Kryo 280 cores based on Cortex A53 and clocked at 1.9GHz.

The Xiaomi Black Shark and ASUS ROG phone both feature the Snapdragon 835's successor, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845. Both processors are based on ARM's v8 ISA and the 845 is manufactured on Samsung's second generation 10nm node. The Snapdragon 845 features 1.3 Billion more transistors over its predecessor, which has a total transistor count of 3 Billion. The processor runs on Qualcomm's Kryo 385 Gold and Silver cores, which are based on ARM's Cortex A75 and A55 respectively.

However, despite running on a similar processor, the ASUS ROG Phone and Xiaomi Black Shark differ in performance configuration. The Xiaomi Black Shark features a standard Snapdragon 845, which clocks at 2.8GHz for the 4 Kryo 385 Gold and 1.9GHz for the 4 Kryo 385 silver core clusters. The ASUS ROG Phone, on the other hand, has an overclocked variant of the 845. This processor can reach 2.96GHz for the Kryo 385 Gold cluster and 1.7GHz for the Silver cluster. The ROG Phone also features 8GB of RAM while the Black Shark comes with 6GB for the 64GB and 8GB for the 128GB storage variant.

The Razer Phone Vs Xiaomi Black Shark Vs The ASUS ROG Phone: GeekBench Comparison Displays A Lead For The ASUS ROG Phone

Starting out with GeekBench, we've got a lot of data to work with. We'll start from the Razer Phone with its Snapdragon 835 and 8GB RAM. Of a total 25 GeekBench runs, the device scores an average of 1895 points in single-core and 6314 in multi-core tests. These results, when compared against the 6GB variant of the Xiaomi Black Shark manage to stand their ground and beat the device.

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The 6GB variant of the Black Shark scores 1785 in single-core and 6656 in multi-core aggregate results. These mark only a slight lead over the Razer Phone and should interest users who want more RAM but might be wary of an older processor. The 8GB variant of the Black Shark scores an average of 2416 in single-core and 8189 in multi-core results.

Finally, let's see how well the ASUS ROG Phone stacks up against the three devices. The device has a slight edge in single-core as it averages out at 2538 points for 25 runs. In multi-core tests, the ROG Phone has a solid lead as it averages out at 9411 points for a similar amount of runs. ASUS' decision to overclock the Snapdragon 845 looks to pay off as far as these results are concerned.

The Razer Phone Vs Xiaomi Black Shark Vs The ASUS ROG Phone: Antutu Comparison Displays A Lead For The Xiaomi Black Shark

After GeekBench, it's time to move towards Antutu. Antutu is a more holistic benchmark test and its results are often taken more seriously by a lot of folks. In Antutu, the Razer Phone scores an aggregate of 198,000 points. The 8GB variant of the Xiaomi Black Shark in comparison is an absolute beast and goes to show the advantage of an upgraded processor.

The device scores an average of 269,546 across five different runs and is one of the top performing Snapdragon 845 devices out there. It's no wonder that ASUS was hard pressed to mention during the ROG Phone's launch that the device is capable of achieving a score of 304,183 in Antutu. An overclocked Snapdragon 845 and impressive cooling options might eke out the maximum from Qualcomm's latest flagship processor.

To conclude, GeekBench paints a very predictable picture, one that we expect from Antutu as well once the ROG Phone is available for extensive testing. Of course, there are other factors which come into play when deciding which smartphone comes on top in terms of overall performance, but we won't get into them right now. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.