ASUS Unveils The “ROG Phone” – Features Binned Clock Speeds, Revolutionary Cooling System and An HDR Capable Screen


Gaming smartphones is quite arguably a brand new niche for gaming manufacturers. In fact, the mobile gaming market is forecasted to go up to $100 billion, in just a few years. The brand new ROG Gaming smartphone will be powered by a Snapdragon 845.

ASUS ROG Phone tops mobile benchmark suites on launch day

The mobile will be clocked at 2.96GHz and will be speed binned at that clock rate. The implications for TDP and dynamic clocking to manage heat dissipation will be very interesting to see here. And this is exactly where ASUS' new cooling solution comes in.

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The major reason why smartphone manufacturers in the past have decided not to go down this performance centric route is that it's incredibly demanding on the delicate thermal envelope that devs play with. The custom cooling solution, however, should easily take care of that.

The first thing any gamer will look at is benchmarks and the ASUS ROG Phone does not disappoint in that category. In fact, as of this moment, it is the fastest entry in pretty much all benchmark suites. This is courtesy of the custom binned CPU that does not throttle even in strenuous gaming scenarios.

ASUS ROG Phone has an HDR 90 Hz, 1ms screen

Now let's talk about the screen. Unlike Razer, which went with a 120 Hz screen at the cost of some color gamut, ASUS ROG Phone takes a more neutral and well balanced approached with a screen that refreshes at a rate of 90 Hz, has a response time of 1 ms and is also HDR capable. This means that games will not only play well but look well as well. This also means that they have optimized it for lag-free gaming.

We will be updating this article with the full spec sheet, pricing, and availability soon, so stay tuned!

ASUS ROG Phone Official Product Shots: