ASUS’s A520 Motherboards Leak Out – Budget Boards With Support For 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs & Renoir APUs

Not everyone can go out and buy the Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Formula because it is not the most economic option with the extreme premium attached to it. It may have loads of features, but no everyone needs 10GB LAN connectivity and the most powerful VRM on their motherboard. Some people just need some features to operate effectively and the motherboard line that slots in there is the B550 with a decent amount of features for the mid-tier.

ASUS A520 Motherboards Leaked - A Series Of M-ATX Motherboards For The Budget Builder Using The AMD Ryzen AM4 Platform

A lot of people thought we wouldn't be seeing the A520 series, but Asus' recent listings tell us otherwise. The A520 is the bare bones platform for the AM4 socket. They have all the functionality of all these motherboards with none of the added features.

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The A520 has five different models from what we were able to see from the listings. We were not able to get as many details as we would have liked, but we were able to get the name of all the models of the motherboards. They feature entries from the Prime series and TUF series which have historically been Asus' most budget-friendly lines and I expect it to be no different this time. The models are listed here (via HD-Tecnologia):

  • PRIME A520M-A
  • PRIME A520M-E
  • PRIME A520M-K

This goes hand in hand with the launch of AMD's Ryzen 3 3100 which will come out at a price of $99, and so we would not expect a motherboard to be much more expensive than the processor itself. All the boards seem to be M-ATX intended to go into smaller systems and cheaper systems. This would go great in our current economic situation as people don't have the most money right now.

These motherboards are expected to launch alongside the Ryzen 3 3100 and are expected to be cheaper than the B550 boards to allow for the lowest of budgets to build their own PC. The Ryzen 3 3100 will be available for purchase on May 21st, however, the B550 and A520 are planned out for launch close to mid of 2020. Expect more info in the coming weeks as we get close to launch.

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