Assassin’s Creed Origins New Screens Showcase Store And More; Side-Activities Lead To More Story Content


Assassin's Creed Origins, the new entry in the long-running series by Ubisoft, has yet to be released officially, but some lucky players have managed to get an early copy of the game, revealing some interesting new details regarding some of the game's features.

Among the new things that have been revealed are the details on the in-game store, which will sell plenty of cosmetic items in exchange for Helix.

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Some other screenshots have also been shared, confirming that something that has been teased in the past few weeks is indeed in the game. Avoiding checking them out if you don't want to be spoiled.


With past entries in the series featuring too many activities that weren't particularly rewarding, fans of the series will be happy to know that side-activities lead to additional story content.

It’s looking good tbh, we finally have a playable character with a story which takes place in a some what large open area, and there seems to be Activities that can be done like collectibles that lead to more info on the story. Also places, caves to explore in MD. I think people are going to be happy about it !

Those who want to explore Ancient Egypt will also not have to wait too long, as the full map becomes explorable after the Prologue, which lasts for a couple of hours.

You have to complete the prologue before you can explore the whole world. Prologue doesn't take more than a couple of hours. It should be even faster for experienced players.

Assassin's Creed Origins launches on October 27th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.