Asmussen: We’re Making Something Really Fun with Jedi Fallen Order, I’m Super Confident We’re Onto Something

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order was already a highly anticipated game, but the hype only grew even further after Respawn scored an explosive success with Apex Legends earlier this year.

Truth to be told, though, a different development team inside Respawn is handling this project, led by God of War 3 Game Director Stig Asmussen.

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Speaking with the PlayStation Official Magazine (June 2019, issue 162), Asmussen revealed that the team is buzzing with energy and with the game already very fun to play, he's 'super confident' Respawn is once again onto something.

To say we’re a mash-up crew is an understatement, but everybody has a really high pedigree. When I come into work every day and I feel the vibe and I feel the energy in the studio and I actually get my hands on the controller and I see that we’re making something that’s really, really fun it makes me feel great, it lets me know we’re on the right track, and let me tell you I’m super-confident we’re onto something.

The Game Director of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order then revealed they had the chance to slowly recruit a great pool of veteran developers for the project.

That’s something you don’t really get to do very much in this industry. We had the ability to build slow and steady, and that’s something you never get to do in games.

We picked up great veterans in the industry. People that worked on games like Uncharted, God Of War, Batman, BioShock, Metal Gear, and, of course, Titanfall and Call Of Duty.

Among those veterans, there was also Chris Avellone, who worked for roughly twelve months on Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Last month, our Dave Aubrey managed to have a long chat with Avellone at Reboot 2019 and the famed RPG writer and game designer had nothing but praise for Stig Asmussen and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order's lead narrative designer Aaron Contreras.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is out on November 15th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We'll get the first gameplay soon, at the EA Play event during E3.

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