Armello’s First Major Update ‘The Armellians Roar’ Coming November 10th, Let’s You Customize the Rules


Armellos is receiving it's first major update that's taking into consideration the great feedback that the developer, League of Geeks, has received since it launched. Armello is turning out to be a surprise hit among gamers who even might not have ever considered a card or board-game based video game.

Armellians Roar lets you customize rules to suit you, and also adds a small Easter Egg for Darkest Dungeons fans.

New features in Armellians Roar include an option to customize house rules, pacing improvements and several new items including five cards, two stat-boosting amulets, additional weapons and armor plus an Easter egg for those people that are fans of Darkest Dungeon by Red Hook Studios.

In response to requests from players and the press, the Armellians Roar update includes:

  • House Rules - allowing players to customize rules for each game
  • Pacing improvements - Greater control over game speed with the addition of a fast-forward button to hurry through off-turns in single player and a new "Quick A.I. Turns" mode to hasten A.I. controlled characters
  • New armor and weapons, including an Easter egg for fans of Darkest Dungeon. As well as two new hero-augmenting amulets
  • Improved stability and security in multiplayer
  • Significant localization upgrades in all languages

Something else that the new update brings is an increase in font size and an optimized UI for the PS4. This way it'll be a little easier to see everything on the screen and it'll look cleaner as well.

IF you really enjoyed the great music in the background, that soundtrack, Wyld's Call, is also now available on GOG, Humble Store and Steam for $9.99. It features original compositions from Lisa Gerrard and Michael Allen