Apple Watch Saves 92-Year Old’s Life After He Fell 21 Feet From a Ladder


Jim Salsman, a retired 92-year old farmer living in Grant, Nebraska had a terrible accident which could have been much worse had he not had an Apple Watch strapped to this wrist. The concerned individual fell off from his ladder and landed on the ground, with total vertical distance being 21 feet. What he most likely didn’t know was the fact that the Apple Watch is equipped with a fall alert system, and the wearable sent an alert to the authorities so he could receive a timely response.

Salsman Is Currently Recovering From a Broken Hip Injury

According to the incident reported by KETV, Salsman climbed the ladder a month ago to grab a grain bin from pigeons. He said that while he was climbing the ladder, everything was going fine, until the strong wind pushed the ladder, causing Salsman to suffer a terrible injury because of the fall.

Apple Sent a 36-kg Repair Kit for Just an iPhone Mini

Salsman also states that when he hit the ground, he was suffering from a lot of pain and while he attempted to roll to this truck, it was at a fair amount of distance and there was no one around to help him. Later, he spoke to the Apple Watch, summoning Siri. What he didn’t realize was that the smartwatch had already alerted the Grant Volunteer Fire Department, who were able to locate Salsman using GPS.

Jim Salsman will continue to be treated at Madonna until he’s ready to return home and resume his regular schedule. This is just one of the many instances where the Apple Watch has proven to be a life-saving companion. The last time an elderly individual was assisted in some way by the Apple Watch was when a man stopped responding after he fell and the wearable called 911. Another event was when an 80-year old’s heart condition was detected by the Apple Watch after the problem got missed by the hospital’s own equipment.

In the future, the Apple Watch is said to become even more versatile, with the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 rumored to get support for panic attack detection, along with blood oxygen level detection, and sleep tracking. Looks like there are a lot of windows that can open with future Apple Watch iterations and the company is reportedly busy exploring quite a few of them.

News Source: KETV