Siri Comes to the Rescue Once More – Saves Three Fishermen Stranded at Sea


Apple’s virtual assistant Siri does more than tell you the nearest location of your favorite burger joint. With the ideal timing, this feature can also up end up saving a life by informing the concerned authorities of a person that’s potentially in danger. This time, the virtual assistant manages to help save the lives of three fishermen who found themselves stranded at sea. Against all odds and with the use of technological advancements, Siri manages to score another save.

Siri Came to the Rescue When One of the Fishermen Used the Virtual Assistant to Call 911

There are two ways in which you can summon Siri; either by holding down the home button or by saying ‘Hey, Siri’ with the phone’s mic close to you (this is automatically enabled in the Settings menu). After the three fishermen had a run-in with rough seas off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida, Fox 4 reported that after the boat began to sink due to the influx of water entering the vessel, one brave fisherman decided to don a life jacket and make his move.

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When he attempted to dial 911 using the touchscreen, he was unable to carry out the operation because he had cold and wet fingers. Instead, his quick thinking enabled him to summon the virtual assistant by saying ‘Hey, Siri’ and call for help. It was a lucky day that these fishermen were in possession of an iPhone 7, which is IP67 water and dust-resistant. If it had been a previous-generation model, the outcome might have turned out to be the complete opposite of what we’re reporting right now.

Thanks to the water-resistance feature of the iPhone 7, you don’t have to worry about wet fingers and splashes of water being sprinkled on the phone and you most certainly don’t have to worry about the handset failing once it's submerged a few centimeters of water in a sinking boat.

This is definitely a great feature to have on an iPhone and we feel that Apple should further improve on it and incorporate commands for emergency-related situations.

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