Apple Watch Reportedly Being Tested With Blood Pressure Detection, but Feature Won’t Be Included Due to Its Inaccuracy


As more Apple Watch iterations come forth, these devices are expected to tout more health features, allowing wearers to get immediate medical attention just by having a piece of technology strapped to their wrist. Those long list of features are expected to get an addition, according to a tipster, as Apple is rumored to be testing out blood pressure detection on the Apple Watch. Unfortunately, it’s highly likely the Apple Watch Series 6 won’t have it, due to its inaccuracy.

As a Reminder, the Apple Watch Series 6 Will Reportedly Arrive With Blood Oxygen Detection

The tipster Komiya claims that blood pressure detection isn’t going to be a part of the Apple Watch family since it’s ‘very inaccurate’ at this stage. To remind you, Apple isn’t known for stuffing features in products that haven’t become mainstream or display a high degree of inaccuracy, or if there’s a compromise in quality, and we’ve seen that over the years with a wide-range of the company’s products.

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There have been countless stories of Apple Watch users who were able to detect heart conditions simply because the ECG feature was working properly, allowing them to sought out early medical attention. With the Apple Watch Series 6, wearers who have to monitor their blood oxygen levels will be in for a treat as the upcoming model is rumored to get this feature, along with support for panic attack detection, and sleep tracking.

There are reports stating that the Apple Watch Series 6 will launch later this year, and just because the upcoming wearable isn’t arriving with blood pressure detection, there’s always next year, when the technology giant preps its Apple Watch Series 7. Do you feel that blood pressure detection and monitoring is a serious issue and should arrive as early as to an Apple Watch as possible? Tell us down in the comments.

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News Source: Twitter (Komiya)