Apple Watch Alerts 22-Year Old About Heart Condition via AFIB and ECG

Jul 14, 2020

A 22-year old Reddit user has shared his story of how his Apple Watch helped him discover that he has a congenital heart condition, which led him to seek treatment from a cardiologist.

Reddit user Merrick63 got a notification on his Watch because he had irregular heart rhythm notifications turned on. After the notification, he recorded an ECG on his watch which confirmed the existence of AFIB. He went to see an ER and got an appointment with a cardiologist, which he might not have done if he had not been notified by his watch.

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Check out the complete thread on Reddit to find out more about Merrick63's experience.

My series 4 watch helped me discover that I may have a congenital heart condition. ER confirmed AFIB and I will be seeing a cardiologist later this week. I don’t know if I would’ve noticed otherwise... from AppleWatch

Electrocardiogram, or ECG in short, is a test that measures a person's heart rhythm and electrical activity. It can help in early diagnosis of heart conditions, which, if untreated, can lead to heart attacks and other serious issues. ECG had been traditionally confined to hospitals where machines were used to record them. However, devices such as Apple Watch Series 4 and later, have brought ECG within quick reach of users. A 30-second measurement is all it takes to record an ECG from your wrist. If anything unusual is reported in the reading, it can later be taken to the doctor for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

Even if users have an older Apple Watch which does not support ECG, they can still be notified of irregular heart rate conditions, which can be helpful enough to consult a doctor on time.

This is not the first time that Apple Watch has helped users in the timely diagnosis of heart conditions. Just a week ago, a doctor was alerted about his critical heart condition through his Apple Watch, which ultimately saved his life. Earlier, an 80-year old was notified about her heart condition thank to the ECG feature on her Watch, which was missed out by the hospital's ECG equipment.

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As of writing, ECG on Apple Watch is available in 37 countries and regions, with more locations being added regularly. The reason behind the slow roll-out is because the feature classifies as a medical instrument so it requires clearance from local regulatory authorities.

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