Apple Watch Comes to Rescue, Saves Brazilian Man’s Life After Tachycardia Diagnosis


There are numerous smartwatch options out there in the market and each better than the other. However, the Apple Watch is so much more as it has a bigger impact on people's lives. That's right, we have previously heard several cases where the Apple Watch jumped in to diagnose a serious illness, or sometimes it just indicated symptoms for what's to come. This time around, the Apple Watch alerted Jorge Freire Jr. for an elevated heart rate. Let's dive in to see some more details on the subject.

Apple Watch Saves Brazilian Mans From Life-Threatening Tachycardia Diagnosis

As we have mentioned earlier, the Apple Watch saved a Brazilian man's life by alerting him to an elevated heart rate. As it turns out, the man has tachycardia, which can potentially lead to heart failure, stroke or even death. It's a heart rhythm disorder that should be addressed as soon as possible.

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Here's how Freire shared how the Apple Watch came to rescue:

I was coming back from São Paulo when my Apple Watch started buzzing. I check the message, which read “Your heart beat is above 140 for over 10 minutes” or something.

When I checked the Heart Rate app, the surprise: 170 BPM. As I was just taking a walk, there was no way my heart beat would be that high.

I went home and laid down for half an hour to see if my heart beat would go back to normal. It stabilized at 160 BPM, I was having tachycardia.

I ran to the ER. When I showed my heart beat on the Watch to hospital staff, they immediately sent me in to be checked. My blood pressure was super high and I was indeed having tachycardia. That little watch was 100% correct.

According to Mayo Clinic, tachycardia is a disorder where the heart beats faster than usual while resting. In addition, sometimes the condition shows no signs, complications or symptoms but could result in a stroke or a cardiac arrest when it is left untreated.

E não é todo dia que o CEO da Apple, que entrou no lugar do Steve Jobs, me manda email rs.PS: é o email pessoal dele...

Gepostet von Jorge Freire Jr. am Montag, 6. Januar 2020

Freire was wearing the Apple Watch Series 5 which saved his life after the doctor treated the heart condition with the right medicine. Furthermore, Apple CEO, Tim Cook also expressed his gratitude to Jorge. In the end, thanks to Apple the Brazilian man can now take proper medicine to treat his heart condition.

There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more. What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch and its ongoing attempts to save people? Let us know in the comments.

News Source: 9to5mac