Apple Watch Diagnosed Doctor’s Critical Heart Disease, Ultimately Saves his Life

Ali Salman
Apple Watch Detects Critical Heart Disease

Many users have credited the Apple Watch for saving their lives. A new story has emerged that shares a doctor's experience. The new Apple Watch models feature an ECG feature that aims to indicate arterial fibrillation. The latest comes in as an anesthesiologist working at a hospital in California says that the Apple Watch detected a critical heart disease.

Apple Watch Saves a Doctors Life From a Critical Heart Disease

The Apple Watch has come to rescue a lot of time, we have shared stories on how the wearable assisted in detected diseases that went on to save users' lives. The Apple Watch detected a critical heart disease that required a bypass operation. Antelope Valley Hospital's Dr. Donald W Milne shared his story and also wrote to Tim Cook.

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I have the first generation of the Apple Watch to be able to do heart monitoring. I know that the primary intended use is to monitor for atrial fibrillation. As a 66 year old anesthesiologist I use my watch for many occasions.

However a number of months ago  I was working out on an elliptical machine,  And I experienced more shortness of breath than usual for a workout.  I used the ECG function to take an ECG at that time.

I observed ST segment depression on the tracing. That resolved and returned to normal with rest. This was again documented by the tracings.

I had no history of any heart disease prior to this incident.

An appointment with my primary care physician obtained a resting ECG in her office that was normal. However upon showing the tracing with the ischemia she agreed and referred me to a cardiologist at John Muir Concord hospital .

He agreed as well with the assessment and upon having an angiogram yesterday the finding of critical diffuse coronary artery disease was found and I am now scheduled for a 5 vessel bypass and aortic valve replacement on July 13 2020.

Milne further stated that since the heart disease was detected early which lead him to treat it as soon as possible. Without the Apple Watch's tracing, Milne said that he would never have known that he a heart disease in time to be able to treat himself. He said that "The Apple Watch has clearly saved my life".

Milne was qualified to interpret the ECG reading which leads to the diagnosis of the disease. It is indeed impressive that the Apple Watch is capable of providing enough data.

News Source: 9to5mac

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