Apple Silicon MacBook Shipments to See a Massive Drop in 2022 Due to Part Shortages, Inflation & Other Reasons

Omar Sohail
Apple Silicon MacBook Shipments to See a Massive Drop in 2022 Due to Part Shortages, Inflation, Other Reasons

Despite Apple seeing a massive 115 percent growth in Mac shipments during the first quarter of 2021, likely due to its M1 MacBook lineup, the company may not witness the same success in 2022. According to one analyst, shipments may drop in the second half of next year, with component shortages and other factors being the primary culprits.

Transition From Older to Newer Models Could Also Result in Decline of Apple Silicon MacBook Shipments

Component shortages are the prime reason major companies are witnessing a slowdown of product shipments, including Apple. However, MacRumors’ report, after seeing Ming-Chi Kuo’s research note, talks about the lack of power management integrated circuits, for which delivery times currently extend as far out as 52 weeks. Apparently, this shortage will strike all PC brands, so expect unavailability of some models during the first half of 2022.

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Part shortages are the least of Apple’s worries, though, as a decline in purchasing power will also impact MacBook shipments. Due to inflation, as well as the decline of the ‘work from home’ culture, lots of companies are attempting to resume regular business activity, so there is expected to be a change in demand structure. Also, a ton of customers who are anticipating the arrival of the M1X MacBook Pro models will ignore the current machines powered by Apple’s M1.

These purchasing decision changes caused by the transition from older to newer MacBook models may also result in a shipments decline. Apple could negate this decline by introducing discounts on the current-generation M1 models to make them more appealing for customers unable to purchase M1X MacBook Pro models due to financial constraints, but the excitement for the newer models may be overwhelming.

In addition to being powered by Apple’s powerful M1X SoC, both the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are said to sport a design change that is reminiscent of the iPhone 12 and its flat edges. Furthermore, these upcoming machines will reportedly arrive with MagSafe charging, an HDMI port, mini-LED screens, UHS-II SD card reader, and other changes not present on the M1 models. As you can see, these changes are where the majority of the customer interest will be diverted to when Apple introduces them during its digital event in October or November.

How else do you think Apple can alleviate MacBook shipments in 2022? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: MacRumors

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