Apple Mac Shipments Increased 115 Percent, the Highest of Any Company; M1 MacBook Models Could Be the Reason for This Growth


New data has revealed that Apple was the most successful personal computer vendor for the first three months of 2021. Preliminary results show that shipments for the company increased a mammoth 115 percent, and this could be attributed to the company’s latest Mac models sporting the custom M1 chip.

Apple Garnered an 8 Percent Market Share, While Just a Year Ago, the Company Had Less Than Half That Figure

The latest shipments tally from IDC shows that Apple attained an 8 percent market share in the global personal computer business. Despite the ongoing health crisis, PC shipments saw an increase, as more work was being done remotely, which prompted consumers to proceed with the purchasing of newer machines from different companies. For Apple, it was early Christmas, as the technology giant reportedly shipped around 6.7 million Macs.

Teardown Reveals Apple’s Latest 13-Inch MacBook Pro is Basically Last Generation’s Model With an M2 Chip

While it is not an impressive figure compared to the likes of Lenovo and HP, which held the top-two positions, respectively, Apple posted the highest shipments growth over the course of a year for any company. The previous Q1 2020 period saw Apple ship around 3.2 million Macs, and with the latest figure more than doubling, it is safe to say that the company’s M1 Macs have really turned around things for the company. However, Apple is not stopping here.

According to a tipster, two Apple Silicon iMac models with a 12-core custom chipset could arrive later this year. According to another report, mass production of new, redesigned MacBook Pro models could commence in H2 2021. These new MacBook Pro models are said to feature the M1X, a more powerful variant of the M1, so it will be an exciting couple of months for customers that want a blend of both performance and portability.

Looking at the success of the M1, Qualcomm is also said to be developing a competitor for it, likely to push the ARM platform to Windows 10 notebooks, but it is possible Apple might have already won the race. Do you think Apple will continue this winning run of improved Mac shipments throughout 2021? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: IDC