Apple to Reportedly Place Order for 90 Million iPhone 13 Units in 2021

Omar Sohail
Apple to Reportedly Place Order for 90 Million iPhone 13 Units in 2021

With the iPhone 13 event concluded, a new report has surfaced, claiming that Apple plans on ordering 90 million of its latest phone lineup in 2021 alone. A number this large could be due to the company’s anticipation of high demand.

Previous Reports Said That Apple Asked Suppliers to Boost iPhone 13 Production by 20 Percent Compared to iPhone 12

A new DigiTimes Research estimates that Apple will ask upstream suppliers to produce a substantial number of iPhone 13 units for this period. According to a previous report, suppliers were asked by the company to increase production by 20 percent compared to the iPhone 12 as Apple expects high demand for the newer models. Apple’s chief assembling partner, Foxconn, reportedly hired 200,000 personnel as it anticipated the same demand.

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To meet production demands, Apple enlisted the help of Luxshare Precision, the same firm that has apparently been tasked to mass produce mini-LED screens for the M1X MacBook Pro family. Even then, other factors such as the global health crisis may put a temporary halt to Apple’s plans, but at least the technology giant is making efforts to ensure that everything goes smoothly from its end and from its supply chain.

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives earlier predicted that iPhone 13 family will represent 35-45 percent of all iPhones in Q3, implying that these will be immensely popular. Overall, Apple could have one of the best years when it comes to iPhone shipments, with JP Morgan estimating that the technology giant could ship up to 240 million units in 2021. Also, if you did not notice, Apple has not discontinued the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, instead cutting their price by $100 to provide a solid lineup of options for consumers.

Previous reports have stated that the iPhone 12 continues to be in high demand, so even if Apple does not reach its desired iPhone 13 shipments goal for this year, increased demand for the previous-generation models might offset that figure. There are still a few months left for 2021 to end, so we will see the kind of popularity these four new models garner and we will have updates for our readers in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

News Source: DigiTimes

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