Anticipating High iPhone 13 Demand, Foxconn Is Reportedly Rushing to Hire 200,000 People for Upcoming Launch

Anticipating High iPhone 13 Demand, Foxconn Is Reportedly Rushing to Hire 200,000 People for Upcoming Launch

Apple’s biggest assembling partner Foxconn reportedly expects exceptionally high demand for the iPhone 13 series and intends to keep pace by hiring more workers. Unfortunately, the hiring part looks to be on the difficult side because the supply chain giant is expected to recruit 200,000 extra workers to meet production targets.

Foxconn Has Introduced a Fast-Track Recruitment Drive That Will Enable the Company to Hire More Workers at Tremendous Pace

Foxconn’s Zhengzhou iPhone plant’s general manager Wang Xue told the South China Morning Post that staffing was the biggest hurdle for the assembling giant. Fortunately, the company’s hiring efforts have been aided by the local government who are using their resources to facilitate transportation measures for workers who cannot commute to Foxconn’s assembling line due to whatever reason.

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The government has done this by using 100 buses to pick up job applicants from their communities and dropping them at the factory gates. In order to promote a safe working environment, Foxconn is also reportedly conducting COVID-19 tests on-site to prevent any unforeseen closures due to a lack of foresight. It is probably going to be the busiest time for the company next month, so they will have to take all the necessary precautions to make sure everything goes smoothly.

As for Apple, it too expects high demand from the iPhone 13 series, which is why it has added Luxshare Precision to keep up with production targets. It has also been reported that Apple will boost iPhone 13 production by 20 percent compared to the iPhone 12 due to high demand, suggesting that Foxconn will likely have its hands full. Customers patiently waiting for the arrival of the new models are probably expecting displays with faster refresh rates, improved cameras, bigger batteries, and faster performance thanks to the A15 Bionic.

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News Source: SCMP

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