Apple Original 12W USB Charger for iPhone and iPad is Just $14.99 Today

Apple original 12W wall charger currently just $14.99

Today is your chance to pick up the Apple official 12W USB charger for iPhone and iPad for just $14.99 today, saving you $5 in the process.

Apple's 12W USB Charger is Just $14.99 Right Now, Skip Third-Party Accessories and Go for the Original Stuff

While third-party accessories get the job done for half the price, but there are plenty of people out there that still prefer first-party stuff. It is pricey, without a doubt, but it gives the user peace of mind that they are handling everything in the best possible capacity. And right now, Apple 12W USB wall charger can be had for a low price of $14.99, which is an ideal for those who like to cut corners and go for first-party accessories in order to charge up an iPhone or iPad.

This particular charger is as vanilla as it gets. It features a single USB-A port in which you can plug in your Lightning cable and you will start charging up immediately as soon as you connect your phone or tablet. You get a power output of 12W from this charger, which is neither fast nor slow. But regardless, it's highly acceptable.

The great thing about this accessory is that it will work with everything that supports charging over USB. Whether it's an Android phone, an action camera, mirrorless camera, it will just work fine. But again, you won't get blistering fast speeds as you have come to expect from something like a USB-C charger.

Apple wall chargers have proven to be some of the best around and are insanely safe too. If you are someone who does not trust third-party accessories at all, then bag this one up for $14.99 and save $5 in the process.

Buy Apple 12W USB Power Adapter - Was $19.99, now just $14.99

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