You Can’t Deny this $6 USB-C to Lightning Cable for Fast Charging an iPhone

Fast charge an iPhone with a USB-C to Lightning cable for just $6

RAVPower is currently selling its USB-C to Lightning cable for just $6 and it happens to be MFi-certified too. Grab it now and fast charge your iPhone.

Fast Charge Your iPhone at Full Speed With RAVPower's USB-C to Lightning for a Measly Price of Just $6

Remember that time when USB-C to Lightning cables used to cost a fortune? Well, not anymore. Now that third-party manufacturers are making them. And today, we have a sweet deal on one from RAVPower, and it will cost you just $6.

What makes this cable special is that it is 100% certified by Apple, meaning it offers full compatibility with an iPhone and iPad. Then there's the fact that this cable is super duper tough, and can withstand over 30,000 bends, which is nothing but a great thing.

When paired with an 18W or faster USB-C charger, this cable will charge a dead iPhone all the way up to 50% in just 30 minutes. Strangely enough, RAVPower says that this cable can withstand 87W of power easily. There's no iOS device out there that can accept that much power, but it's good to know this cable is capable of everything you throw at it.

The cable features a length of 3-feet, which is good enough for a desk or a car charger. But, if you were planning on using this cable to charge your iPhone while tucked in bed, then you might want to consider getting the 6-feet version instead.

There are no special codes or coupons you need to know about. Just add the cable to your cart and checkout as you normally would.

Buy Lightning Cable RAVPower [3ft Mfi Certified] Supports Power Delivery Fast Charging - $6

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