New Report Hints Apple May Bring High Refresh Rate LTPO Displays to All iPhone 14 Models in 2022

All iPhone 14 Models May Feature LTPO OLED Screens in 2022, as Apple Could Add a Major Supplier

While another report mentions that Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are the only models this year to feature high refresh rate LTPO OLED screens, there is a possibility that the company adds this upgrade to all iPhone 14 members next year. Assuming those plans end up being true, consumers will not have to cough up extra money just to experience that buttery-smooth 120Hz refresh rate on the more expensive models.

LG Reportedly Making Efforts to Ramp up LTPO OLED Production, but It Is Not Explicitly Mentioned Which iPhone 14 Models This Display Is Reserved For

A report from The Elec states that LG, which is reportedly supplying Apple LTPS OLED screens for the upcoming iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, is making efforts to boost LTPO OLED production. However, previously published information claimed that the Korean manufacturer might start mass producing such displays from 2022, cutting into Samsung’s market share, which currently remains Apple’s sole provider of high-end iPhone screens.

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The new report states that LG plans to convert its production line to LTPO in the hopes it can supply Apple with these units next year. If Apple is keeping LG for its 60Hz LTPS screens for the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13, it will likely keep the supplier for its less expensive iPhone 14 models too. Display analyst Ross Young also commented earlier that all 2022 iPhone models will arrive with LTPO OLED panels, indicating that customers will not have to pay a premium to experience that fluid 120Hz goodness.

However, if you expect an iPhone 14 mini with a high refresh rate LTPO OLED screen, you will be disappointed. Apple is said to cancel the ‘mini’ version for 2022, focusing on larger screen iPhone models instead, in an effort to continuously boost sale figures. LTPO technology is currently being used on the Apple Watch Series 6, so it is exciting that the company may incorporate all iPhone 14 models with this welcome upgrade.

However, as The Elec has not explicitly mentioned that Apple plans on shifting to an all-LTPO OLED iPhone 14 launch, our readers will have to treat this info with a pinch of salt and await future updates.

News Source: The Elec

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