Apple Planning Massive Product Refresh; New MacBook, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, 11-Inch iPad Pro & More Coming Your Way

Apple Planning Massive Product Refresh; New MacBook, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, 11-Inch iPad Pro & More Coming Your Way

This year, we are going to be getting a lot of surprises from Apple, and it is not just connected to the new 2018 iPhone lineup. According to a very well-known analyst, the tech giant is planning to introduce refreshes of nearly all products, some of which you were clamoring to see for a very long time. Unfortunately, out of all the products, it certainly does not look like Apple will be refreshing the iPhone SE, with reports coming in that the 4-inch smartphone is being placed on the chopping block. Regardless, there are other devices to look forward and we will be detailing them right here.


That well-known analyst is Ming-Chi Kuo, who believes that the 12-inch MacBook will be receiving an update, but most likely nothing else is going to be changed. The 12-inch machine is expected to feature a slightly powerful chip while retaining that single Type-C USB port. One disappointment that we believe we will all have to share is the fact that the MacBook Air might not get refreshed. The analyst working at TF International Securities predicts that the low-cost variant is not going to be relevant anymore.

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Mac mini

It has certainly been a while since we have seen a Mac mini and earlier, it was reported if Apple was going to dump the product or introduce a refresh. Turns out the company is still going to be introducing a refresh, a refresh that is expected later this year.

MacBook Pro

Both the 13 and 15-inch models of the MacBook Pro are going to be updated, with rumors stating that the 13-inch version without the Touch Bar is going to be phased out. Instead, you will get an all ‘Touch Bar’ notebook solution with beefier processors. You can check out the link down below why we’ve recommended to not purchase a MacBook Pro model right now and that is thanks to the extra core count you will receive with the upcoming products. The 13-inch models will be armed with quad-core solutions, whereas they were limited to dual-core chips before. As for the 15-inch MacBook Pro variants, how about seeing a 6-core i7-8750H chip inside one of these powerhouses? Well, that is exactly what is going to happen.

11-Inch iPad Pro

Kuo expects a new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro refresh. While details are scarce right now, it is expected that the bezels of both slates are going to be extremely slim, taking up the design of the iPhone X and both of them will also feature support for Face ID, which only means that you will be seeing that notch that you hated or loved on the iPhone X. The hardware that is rumored to be present in the iPad Pro models is expected to be octa-core processors, which is only fitting because the A11 Bionic featured a hexa-core chip, prompting an addition of cores on the tablet family.

2018 is certainly going to be an exciting year for Apple and we’d like to know your thoughts on which product or products you are most excited to see this year? Let us know down in the comments.

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News Source: AppleInsider

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