Apple Reduces the Trade-in Value of Some iPhone Models as iPhone 12 Launch Date Draws Near

Omar Sohail
Apple Reduces the Trade-in Value of Some iPhone Models as iPhone 12 Launch Date Draws Near

With the iPhone 12 launch just around the corner, it appears that Apple cleverly wants you to wait for the new lineup because the company has reduced the trade-in values of existing iPhone models. What that means is that you will now get less funds for giving your older model if and when you want to upgrade.

Strange Enough, the Newer iPhone Models Have Had Their Trade-in Values Reduced Significantly Than the Older Ones

The puzzling thing about this news is that the newer iPhone models have had their trade-in values reduced, while the values of some of the older versions remain the same. For example, a drop of $30-$50 has been spotted on recent models by MacRumors, while older models saw a drop of $5-$20. Given below are the new trade-in values for those looking to upgrade right now.

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  • iPhone XS Max: $500 to $450 (down $50)

  • ‌iPhone XS‌: $420 to $370 (down $50)

  • iPhone XR: $300 to $270 (down $30)

  • ‌iPhone‌ X: $320 to $280 (down $40)

  • ‌iPhone‌ 8 Plus: $250 to $220 (down $30)

  • ‌iPhone‌ 8: $170 (no change)

  • ‌iPhone‌ 7 Plus: $150 to $130 (down $20)

  • ‌iPhone‌ 7: $120 to $110 (down $10)

  • ‌iPhone‌ 6s Plus: $100 (no change)

  • ‌iPhone‌ 6s: $80 to $70 (down $10)

  • ‌iPhone‌ 6 Plus: $50 to $45 (down $5)

  • ‌iPhone‌ 6: $30 (no change)

  • iPhone SE (1st generation): $30 (no change)

Our only guess is that Apple is prepping for the iPhone 12 launch later this year and the drop in trade-in values means customers will most likely be forced to upgrade to the newer versions. To bring you up to speed if you don’t know already, Apple is expected to release four brand new models later this year, starting at a rumored price of $549 for the non-4G version and $649 for the 5G-ready variant.

As a customer, obviously you don’t agree with Apple’s trade-in value reduction but from the company’s perspective, do you think it was the right move? Let us know down in the comments.

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