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Apple Health Introduces a Number of New Updates Across Various Devices – Here Is Everything You Need to Know


As announced today in its WWDC 2021 keynote, Apple is planning on updating its Health features across various operating systems, including watchOS 8 and iOS 15. With these new updates, users will be able to track their loved one's health conditions, share data with medical professionals and monitor their own health trends.

A few of the new features aim to let individuals keep track of their own health status using the Health app. These incorporate a gait tracking metric known as ‘Walking Steadiness, which determines how steadily a user walks, and changes in steadiness over a period of time. The Health app will also aid consumers to interpret laboratory tests better, as Apple claims to have added a vast array of current information to their system.

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With the new Trends feature, you can also monitor different aspects of health like sleep and steps on a long-term basis. In order to facilitate results based on these metrics, Apple has employed the ability to share this data with medical professionals of the user’s choosing. Doctors and healthcare workers can then use this information to predict and understand possible negative effects of certain trends and seek medical guidance if needed.

Not only does the Apple Health update let users share data with professionals, but a Health sharing system also allows families to monitor the health of their loved ones, importantly aging parents and young children. The feature, when activated, displays a relative’s health status in terms of heart rate, number of steps, and more. Family members can be alerted through the app when any of these values change drastically.

A software upgrade will allow users to instantly start an iMessage conversation with their loved ones about their health condition, all with a click just to know how they are doing. All of this and more are expected later this year when watchOS 8 and iOS 15 are officially available to millions of people worldwide.

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