Apple Engineers Have Reportedly Expressed Concern Over the Company’s Weak Living Room Hardware Strategy


Despite the Apple TV 4K getting refreshed with an updated Siri remote, along with the HomePod mini, the company’s engineers reportedly believe that there is not a strong living room hardware strategy in place. Apple is expected to introduce more products in the coming years, but as of right now, the technology giant’s staff is not exuberant with confidence.

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In Mark Gurman’s latest ‘Power On’ newsletter reported by MacRumors, some Apple engineers who have likely remained anonymous have expressed doubts over the company’s incoherent living room hardware strategy. Gurman himself states that the Apple TV has faced tremendous competition in various markets from cheaper alternatives made by Amazon and Roku, but there are still significant advantages of investing in Apple’s ecosystem. Unfortunately, it comes at a literal price.

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He also states that there needs to be a stick-like Apple TV or more features added to the current generation in order for the company to stay relevant. At $179, Apple’s marketing executive Tim Twerdahl earlier stated that the Apple TV exudes excellent value for someone who wants to play games on the set-top box, though not everyone would be sharing the same opinion. For one thing, you still have to pay $4.99 for the Apple Arcade service, and you hardly get access to top-notch gaming content, which is something the technology giant can work on if it aims to keep its customers.

If you recall, Apple was rumored to be working on a hybrid product that includes a HomePod, display, and camera. However, back in May, we reported that the product was still in development, and it is possible it releases in 2023. Gurman states that if sales of this hybrid product do not go according to expectations, then the company should consider discontinuing the Apple TV and place it in the same category as the HomePod, which is no longer for sale.

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