Apple TV 4K Is Great Value for Playing Games, Says Executive, but It Is Not Competing Directly With Consoles

Apple TV 4K Is Great Value for Playing Games, Says Executive, but It Is Not Competing Directly With Consoles

At $179, the 2021 Apple TV 4K is one of the most powerful and affordable products from the technology giant. Not only can it be used as an excellent source of entertainment for watching movies or TV shows, but the Apple Arcade service allows users to engage in some casual gaming sessions too. That is what Apple’s marketing executive Tim Twerdahl wants consumers to believe. He also mentions that despite the Apple TV made focusing on gaming, it is not designed to compete with the Xbox or PlayStation.

The Latest PS5 and Xbox Series X Game Controllers Are Compatible With the Apple TV 4K

Speaking to CNN’s Jacob Krol, Twerdahl emphasizes that the Apple TV 4K’s primary objective is to deliver the best picture quality.

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“Delivering that best viewing experience at the TV is really what Apple TV is all about. We want to make sure that whatever specs you care about, to get the absolute best picture quality to have that most cinematic experience to really enjoy all the amazing content that’s out there.”

Of course, with the Apple Arcade service available to customers at $4.99 a month, you can immerse yourself in some casual gaming, and it is not like the Apple TV 4K will be a slouch because its A12 Bionic is a massive upgrade compared to previous-generation entertainment boxes.

“Our focus on gaming has been more recently on arcade stuff, because we think that that’s a great value for customers. There’s a tremendous amount of content in there. And we’ve done a lot to make that experience fantastic. Most notably, probably support for all these different game controllers.”

However, despite the compact size and powerful A12 Bionic running inside, Twerdahl states that the new Apple TV 4K is not competing directly with consoles. It could be because Apple Arcade does not offer some AAA titles, which are available to play on consoles.

“It’s probably not designed to compete directly with the Xboxes and PlayStations of the world. They bring something to the market that I think is unique and great for really hardcore gamers.”

Then again, do not count out Apple because it appears the company might be working behind the curtain on something big. According to a previous rumor, a portable console with a brand new SoC is in the works. Apple is also said to be testing out games that rival ‘Breath of the Wild’, and the current hardware present in the company’s devices is more than capable of handling graphically demanding games.

News Source: CNN

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