Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector Currently Just $19.99 [$10 Off]


If a pair of wired EarPods is all you want for your headphone jack-less iPhone, then you can pick up a brand new pair for just $19.99.

Save $10 on Apple's Brand New Pair of EarPods with Lightning Connector

Apple's decision to give up the headphone jack was indeed a courageous one. But, the company does offer respite in the fact that it ships all iPhones with a pair of EarPods, wired ones, with a Lightning connector on one end. Sure, they don't sound that great, but if you are looking for a decent pair of earphones that connect to your iPhone without any dongle, you actually can't go wrong with them.

If you lost the pair that came with your phone or just want to 'upgrade,' then you might want to consider the deal Apple is running on its Amazon store front. For a limited time only, it's offering the EarPods with Lightning connector for a low price of just $19.99. On any other regular day, they will set you back a cool $29.99. So, you end up saving $10 while you get the signature white earphones for your iPhone.

Since these are Lightning earphones, therefore they will work with any device from Apple that has a Lightning port in it. Whether it's an iPhone, iPad or even the iPod, they will work great.

The EarPods feature controls for adjusting volume and even receiving calls, so you don't have to pull out your iPhone to do that. There's no Hey Siri here or anything. These are simple wired earphones that will get the job done with Apple's stamp of approval on it.

You don't have to enter any discount code or clip any coupon code in order to bring the price down. Just add them to your cart and checkout.

Buy Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector - White - Was $29.99, now just $19.99

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