Apple Now Offering $500 Instead of $200 in Return Credit to Developers Who Purchased DTK Mac mini

Apple Now Offering $500 Instead of $200 in Return Credit to Developers Who Purchased DTK Mac mini

Earlier, Apple offered developers $200 in credit if they returned the DTK Mac mini purchased by them last year. The machine was used to help developers test out their apps for eventual transitioning to the M1 Mac mini, M1 MacBook Pro, and M1 MacBook Air line that Apple launched last year. Now, the company has sweetened the deal if developers previously thought that $200 in return credit wasn’t sufficient. It has now been increased to $500.

With the Increase in Return Credit, Developers Will Receive the Same Amount They Paid for the DTK Mac mini

Apple started sending out Developer Transition Kits at the end of June, with the Mac mini powered by an A12Z Bionic instead of the M1 present in the commercial units. It appears that developers may have been unhappy with the return credit amount, which is why Apple decided to increase it extensively. The company has also increased the time limit to spend the credit. With the latest change highlighted below, customers have until the end of the year to avail it.

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“We heard your feedback regarding the 200 USD appreciation credit mentioned in our last email. Our intention was to recognize the tremendous effort that you have put into creating amazing universal apps. By partnering with us early, you showed your commitment to our platform and a willingness to be trailblazers.

So instead of the 200 USD credit that expires in May, we are giving you a 500 USD Apple credit and extending the time you can use it to get a new ‌M1‌ Mac through the end of the year. If you already purchased a new ‌M1‌ Mac, the Apple credit gives you the flexibility to purchase any Apple product to help with your app development work.

We'll share details soon about how to ship the Developer Transition Kit (DTK) back to Apple. Note that the DTK will no longer receive publicly available software updates after macOS Big Sur 11.2. We encourage you to return it as soon as possible so that your development work is not interrupted. And once you return the DTK, you'll receive your Apple credit.”

The $500 credit can be used to purchase any Apple product, not just the M1 Macs, so in case you’re more than satisfied with your current machine and don’t wish to make an upgrade, you can pick up any iPhone 12 model for less.

Assuming you are a developer who purchased the DTK Mac mini and wish to return it, which product do you see yourself getting from Apple with the return credit? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Macrumors

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