iPhone 11 Users Will Receive Warning if a Non-Genuine Apple Display Is Used as a Replacement

Omar Sohail
Apple Display Warning Now Visible on iPhone 11 Using Non-Genuine Parts

Smartphone displays can be costly to repair, especially when undertaking an authorized route. This is one reason why users often don’t mind getting them fixed from unauthorized service providers who do it for less money. However, Apple certainly doesn’t think it’s a good idea. A new press release says that an Apple display warning will now be shown if a non-genuine screen is detected on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

If you have somehow already managed to smash the screen of your new iPhone, Apple wants you to get it replaced at its outlet, Authorized Service Provider or Repair Center. Otherwise, be prepared to receive an Apple display warning stating that 'yours isn’t genuine', plastered on the Lock Screen for the first four days after you get the screen replaced and in the Setting apps for fifteen days. After that, this information will be displayed in the About section of the General Settings.

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“The iPhone display is engineered together with iOS software for optimal performance and quality. A nongenuine display might cause compatibility or performance issues. For example, an issue might arise after an iOS software update that contains display updates.”

Additionally, you will get a notification informing you that the Cupertino giant has updated the device information for your phone. This will help it assess your service and safety needs as well as improve upcoming products. Apple claims that the displays it makes provide better integration with iOS for optimal performance. A display that’s not compatible may cause performance and compatibility issues down the road.

“You might see an additional notification that says, "Apple has updated the device information for this iPhone." This means that Apple has updated the device information maintained for your iPhone for service needs, safety analysis, and to improve future products.

These notifications don’t affect your ability to use your iPhone or your display.”

Moreover, the company’s displays are a perfect fit for its devices, something which might be difficult to achieve with third-party screens. The company also warns that a botched repair job at the hands of an untrained professional can cause safety issues. Additionally, multi-touch might not be responsive on a non-genuine display and the functioning of the ambient light sensor can also be affected. Apple has outlined a host of other things that can go wrong on its support page, so be sure to check out the fine print whenever you get the time.

That being said, Apple will not intentionally make an unauthentic part non-functional and it may just work fine. However, there is no stopping the company from disabling non-genuine parts in the future. From here on, if you receive an Apple display warning on your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max, be prepared for if something goes wrong.

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