Apple Is Aware of iPhone 12 Display Issues Such as Flickering, Greenish Tint but Isn’t Planning on Servicing Affected Models


Since the inception of the iPhone 12 lineup, users have been complaining about various display issues. This will include iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro owners reporting about a yellow tint problem, while various iPhone 12 mini users have complained about screen responsiveness hiccups.

Others have talked about flickering, as well as a greenish glow. If our readers think Apple isn’t aware of these problems, they’re wrong, and the company has informed its support staff that it’s taking the necessary steps to eliminate the issues. However, the tech giant’s solution doesn’t involve servicing or replacing affected units.

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Apple Reportedly Believes It Can Get Rid of the Problem Through a Future Software Update

According to an internal document obtained by MacRumors, Apple has informed its Authorized Service Providers and technicians to avoid servicing affected units. Readers obviously hearing this would be irritated that Apple is refusing to accept responsibility for these issues, but the company believes there’s another way. Apparently, the company reportedly believes that the issues owners are complaining about are linked to software, not hardware.

With that being said, Apple may release a timely software update that could eliminate the problem. Those who believe such a thing won’t be possible should take a look at some history. When a similar green tint display problem was found on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max models, Apple fixed it in the iOS 13.6.1 update release.

Based on what customers have reported, the greenish glow can pop up when the display brightness of all iPhone 12 models is set to 90 percent or lower. It should be noted that the problem isn’t permanent, with some iPhone owners reporting that it goes away after a short while. Then again, paying a premium and experiencing such problems wasn’t part of the deal, so hopefully, Apple comes up with a solution soon.

News Source: MacRumors