iPhone 12 mini Owners Are Reporting Touch Response Issues at the Lock Screen

iPhone 12 mini Owners Are Reporting Touch Response Issues at the Lock Screen

Several iPhone 12 mini owners have complained about the lock screen sensitivity and response issues ever since they powered on the model for the first time. As puzzling as this may seem, none of the other models appear to display this problem, suggesting that only Apple’s smallest flagship for this year is the primary concern.

Sensitivity and Other Issues End Once the iPhone 12 mini Gets Unlocked

To explain what is happening, a growing number of iPhone 12 mini owners have mentioned their problem on MacRumors forums, as well as Reddit.

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“Right after I got my iPhone 12 Mini I put on a PanzerGlass screen protector and started using it.

My problem is touch on the lock screen, if i try to use the torch or pause/play music it only respons sometimes.

After i unlock the iPhone touch works great, but on the lockscreen I have to get lucky with the touch to get the response.

Anyone else having this issue?”

The display doesn’t recognize the touch inputs when you swipe up from the bottom of the lock screen when unlocking the iPhone 12 mini. The same problem is exhibited when opening up the torch or camera app from within the lock screen. However, the problem appears to go away once the iPhone 12 mini is unlocked, which should come as a sigh of relief for potentially millions of buyers. It’s just this little hiccup they have to deal with and that the problem isn’t occurring during normal use of the iPhone.

One speculation for this lack of responsiveness is a conductivity or grounding issue. There are reports from iPhone 12 mini owners stating that when the device is plugged into a wall charger or when the phone's frame is touched without a case, the issue appears to go away. However, this isn’t a permanent solution, especially for a device that’s being sold to customers for $699 ($729 if you opt for a SIM-free version).

Since multiple iPhone 12 mini owners are complaining of the same problem, the news waves would certainly have gotten Apple’s attention by now. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t released a statement on whether it’s a software or hardware issue. Like always, we’ll keep you updated in the future, so stay tuned.

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