Apple AirTag Tile-Like Accessory Confirmed by iOS 13.2, Will Feature Swappable Batteries

Uzair Ghani

Apple's Tile-like tracker accessory will be called AirTag, as confirmed by the latest software release for iPhones and iPads.

AirTag Confirmed by iOS 13.2, Will Feature Swappable Batteries, Pairs Like AirPods, More

There was no Apple Event this week but Apple surprised everyone with the announcement of the AirPods Pro. Along with that, we also saw the arrival of iOS 13.2, iPadOS 13.2, tvOS 13.2 and iOS 13.2 for HomePod. Even the software updates were packed with certain surprises, as 9to5Mac was able to confirm from the filesystem of iOS 13.2 that Apple's Tile-like accessory has a proper name, and it's called AirTag.

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Pairs like AirPods

At this point in time, there's no details on what the AirTag will look like. But we do know now that it will pair with an iPhone or iPad just like how AirPods do and then you can use the Find My app to get the location of the tracker itself. It's also rumored that the accessory will have a UWB (ultra wide band) chip built right in for dead-on accuracy, something which only be confirmed when the AirTag actually goes on sale.

Swappable Battery

It's also being reported that the AirTag will have a swappable battery, allowing users to freshen things up and keep track of their belongings without having to worry about dead batteries that often. Trust me, there is a huge feature and something which everyone is going to appreciate, especially those who have been relying on using a Tile tracker, an accessory which only recently added support for swappable batteries.

AirTag references found in iOS 13.2

9toMac believes that there is a possibility that Apple might announce the AirTag this week. Given that the Cupertino company announced a major update to the AirPods in a press release, therefore the coming of a tracker in a similar fashion does not sound like an outlandish idea.

We don't have pricing details for AirTag either, but if we are to take a wild guess, then we should expect Apple to charge something above $49. After all, the company does charge a crazy amount of money for its Smart Keyboard for iPad, so it wouldn't be too blunt to assume that it would pull off something similar with its tracker accessory.

Twitter has been abuzz today with a lot of different theories. There is also a possibility that we might actually end up seeing a new product every single day until this week ends. This is something which Apple has done before when it was announcing the AirPods 2 and the 10.5-inch iPad Air. So yeah, get ready for surprises one way or the other.

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