Anker at CES 2018: Smaller and Cheaper PowerHouse, Nebula Capsule Projector, ROAV VIVA with Alexa, ZOLO Model Zero & More


Anker is at the CES 2018 show floor, and the company is taking a mighty leap forward with the introduction of brand new gear and innovations.

Anker Rules the CES 2018 Show Floor with Brand New Products. Here Are the Details.

CES is oozing with tons of products which we will be able to get our hands on soon. But let's turn our attention towards Anker for a moment which caught us off-guard with their new innovations.

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Anker PowerHouse 200.

Remember the original PowerHouse? Anker's biggest battery which you can buy? Well, it's much smaller now and packs a 200Wh battery inside. It even adds support for USB Power Delivery for fast charging. If that doesn't seem enticing enough then you'll be pleased to learn that the new PowerHouse weighs just 7 pounds and can pump out 100-watts of power for appliances. This is a product that deserves a place on your next camping trip.

The new PowerHouse will be available in Summer of 2018 with a price tag of just $299. Yes, that's cheaper than the original one by 200 bucks.

Nebula Capsule.


If you love your entertainment to be as portable as possible then you'll be pleased to learn that the Nebula Capsule checks all the right boxes.

It's a small little device the size of a soda can with a built-in projector and runs Android 7.1 Nougat. Sounds exciting so far? It gets better!

On the audio front, it features a 360-degree sound cone, ensuring that sound fills up your room regardless of what you are listening to or watching. But that's not all, you can even use it as a standalone Bluetooth speaker.

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It has superb battery life too, allowing four hours of video playback, thirty hours of music listening, and features Quick Charge for insanely quick top up times.

For a price of $349, you can grab the Nebula Capsule right now straight from Amazon.



The ROAV VIVA is Amazon Alexa voice assistant and a car charger built into one. And since it packs Alexa, you can do everything and anything you can using the power of your voice as long as the assistant supports it. This includes ordering pizza from the confines of your car too.

Once plugged into your car and connected to the ROAV VIVA app, things take off immediately from there. You can ask directions, set reminders, play music and whatnot. It's the perfect companion for those who are well invested in the world of Amazon and Alexa.

On the pricing front, the ROAV VIVA will set you back only $49.99. Pre-orders begin right now on Amazon and the first units will start shipping by the end of January.

ZOLO Liberty+.


You love your music don't you? If that's the case, then you deserve the best there is out there in the audio department.

The new ZOLO Liberty+ are truly wireless earbuds with great design and pack more than decent battery life given their size. We're talking about three and a half hours of listening on a single charge here. But that's not all, the carrying case also doubles up as additional battery, giving you a monstrous total of 48 hours of playback.

ZOLO Liberty+ will be available later in January for a price of $149.

ZOLO Model Zero.

Apart from everything else we mentioned above, the ZOLO Model Zero saw an announcement too. It's a beautifully designed and a unique smart speaker. Why smart? Because it packs the power of Google Assistant. But the story does not end there, since it packs high-quality audio thanks to Dolby Audio. Anker goes as far as saying that the speaker was 'envisioned by artists, sculpted by designers, then constructed and tuned by engineers.' That's a lot of deep thought in one sentence alone.

Thanks to the built-in Google Assistant, you can control your smart home setup, or even use it to play music, ask for traffic updates, weather and more. Basically anything and everything you can do on a Google Home can be done here.

At the time of writing, pricing and availability details have been hidden from the public. But as soon as we have more, we will update our readers about it.

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