Android Pie Update Causing Massive Battery Drain for Some Galaxy S8 and S9 Users

When the Android Pie update first began hitting the airwaves, some users complained of accelerated battery drain after installing the software. At that time, it could be passed off as an isolated incident considering that not a lot of people had received the update. The update has now hit most of the regions and devices, and users are once again, complaining about the same issue. Making things even more interesting is the fact that even some Galaxy S8 users are complaining about the same problem. The Galaxy S8 begin to receive its Android Pie update only recently, and it is yet to roll out in a lot of regions.

According to users on forums such as XDA Developers and Reddit, the battery life of their devices has gone down drastically after the Android Pie update. In some cases, the screen on time has gone down by up to 50%. Some of the standard solutions for the problems such as a factory reset, uninstalling potentially problematic apps and multiple reboots appear to have worked for some users.

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Samsung, however, is yet to acknowledge the issue. Hopefully, it shouldn't be long before someone from the company notices and does something about it. This isn't the first time Samsung devices have suffered from battery drain problems following a major software upgrade. A fix, if any, will likely be baked into the next security update.

Battery drain is a complicated issue, and the onus of fixing it doesn't fall upon Samsung alone. Very often, it is the result of some third-party apps that went haywire after the software upgrade. To check for any such errant app(s), head over to Settings>Device Care>Battery and kill any battery-guzzling apps that you may find. I haven't noticed any degradation in the battery life of my own Galaxy S9+ after installing the update. But, an official acknowledgement from Samsung about the issue would be nice.


News Source: sammobile

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