AMD Radeon 300 Series And Fiji E3 Presentation Leaked

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Jun 16, 2015

AMD’s E3 PCGaming event in which the company’s launching the 300 series is only seconds away, and the presentation has already been leaked. It includes both the AMD Radeon 300 series and the infamous Fiji GPU powering the Fury series of graphics cards.

AMD Radeon 300 Series
Fiji is the really exciting addition to the Radeon GPU stack. It’s the first GPU in the world featuring stacked 3D memory. Called High Bandwidth Memory, or HBM for short. This new memory standard picks up from where GDDR5 left off and is and features entirely new technology co-developed by SK Hynix and AMD.

AMD Radeon 300 Series And Fiji E3 Presentation Leaked

Needless to say these newcomers will be AMD’s fastest and most advanced graphics chips to date. The Fiji GPU, both the XT and Pro variants, form the foundation of AMD’s new ultra enthusiast “Fury” brand. There are several reasons as to why AMD decided to resurrect the “Fury” brand name with Fiji. Chief among which is that with Fiji AMD will be introducing the world’s first GPU featuring 3D stacked High Bandwidth Memory, otherwise known as HBM. Another reason is the sheer performance of the chip, which AMD has proclaimed to be the fastest in the world. To crown these achievements AMD decided that a simple numerical product name will not do this chip justice and thus will be bringing back the Fury brand name.



Below you’ll find the specifications of each 300 series graphics card as well as its MSRP in the US.
Note : These MSRPs are for reference designs, custom models with aftermarket cooling and factory overclocks can be more expensive.

Graphics Card GPU CU / SP GPU/Memory Clock Speed Memory Interface Memory Bandwidth TDP Pricing
R9 390X Grenada XT 44 / 2816 1050/1500 MHz 8GB GDDR5 512-bit 384 GB/s 275W $429 US
R9 390 Grenada Pro 40 / 2560 1000/1500 MHz 4-8GB GDDR5 512-bit 384 GB/s 275W $299-$329 US
R9 380X Antigua XT 32/2048 970/1425 MHz 4 GB GDDR5 256-bit 182 GB/s 190W $229-$249 US
R9 380 Antigua Pro 28 / 1792 970/1425 MHz 4GB GDDR5 256-bit 182 GB/s 190W $199 US
R9 370X Trinidad XT 20 / 1280 1000/1400 MHz 4 GB GDDR5 256-bit 179 GB/s 180W $179 US
R7 370 Trinidad Pro 16 / 1024 975/1400MHz 4GB GDDR5 256-bit 179 GB/s 110W $149 US
R7 360 Tobago Pro 12 / 768 1050/1625 MHz 2 GB GDDR5 128-bit 104 GB/s 100W $109 US
R7 350 Cape Verde XTL/Pro 10 / 640
8 / 512
1000/1125 MHz 2 GB GDDR5 128-bit 72.0 GB/s 60-75W $89 US
CU : Compute unit — SP : Stream Processor

AMD’s officially launching the Radeon 300 series of graphics cards in just a few hours here at E3 the event is live streamed over the web. In the meantime we’ll make sure to keep you updated as more information is made available to us, so stay tuned.