AMD Piledriver (FX-Vishera) Core Frequencies Confirmed – Flagship FX-8350 Throttles upto 4.2GHz

A consumer platform guide of AMD has been leaked which confirms core frequencies of three upcoming Vishera FX processors including the flagship FX-8350 which turbos upto 4.2Ghz.

The guide details specifications of three upcoming Vishera FX processors which would be featuring the Piledriver x86 core architecture. Leading the pack is the Octa-Core FX-8350 running at a stock speed of 4GHz with Turbo Core frequency of 4.2GHz on all cores. The CPU has a rated TDP of 125W and features 8MB of L3 Cache.

The Hexa-Core "FX-6300" operates at 3.5GHz stock and 4.1GHz Turbo Core speed with a rated TDP of 95W and featuring 6MB L3 Cache. There's a entry level Quad Core model too known as the "FX-4320" which runs at 4.0GHz stock and 4.2GHz Turbo on all cores, featuring 95W TDP and 4MB L3 Cache.

Price wise, the new Vishera processors would cost lower than their Intel Ivy Bridge counterparts. The guide also details a few Trinity APU's which we already covered back here. You can also check out a brief performance measurement of the FX-8350 processor here. Launch of Piledriver is expected in Q4 2012.

In other news, there are chances we won't be looking at a successor to Piledriver since rumors suggest it is the last of performance offering from AMD. AMD has yet to comment on that, Read more about it here.

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