AMD Piledriver FX-8350 and Trinity A8-5600K/A6-5400K Specifications Confirmed

Leaked AMD details have given away the final specifications of its flagship Piledriver chip "FX-8350" and Trinity based A8-5600K and A6-5400K Accelerated Processing Units.

Last week, We reported that FX-8350 would feature a base frequency of 4GHz which has turned out to be true. The CPU indeed runs at 4.0GHz frequency and turbo core speed of 4.2GHz. The CPU consists of 16MB Cache (8MB L3/8MB L2), Supports DDR3-1866MHz+ and is compatible with the AM3+ Socket. TDP of this part would be set at 125W.

With the architecture improvements in Piledriver, we could witness an 10-15% Multitasking performance improvement with the FX-8350 over FX-8150. In addition, AMD has planned two more Piledriver based processors which would arrive in October 2012:

  • AMD FX-8350 8 Core Processor
  • AMD FX-6300 6 Core Processor
  • AMD FX-4320 4 Core Processor

Trinity based APU details have also been confirmed, The A8-5600 would be a Quad Core with two threads  running at 3.6GHz Stock and Boost frequency of 3.9GHz featuring  4MB Cache, HD7560D IGP and a 100W TDP. The IGP would consist of 256 cores running at 800-1000MHz.

The A6-5400 would be a Dual Core with 3.6GHz stock and 3.8GHz boost frequency featuring  HD7540D IGP with 192 cores running at 600-800MHz, 4MB L3 Cache and 65W TDP. Both models would be compatible with FM2 socket boards featuring the A85 chipset. Hopefully, these APUs would be launched within the third Quarter.

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