AMD Readies FX-9000 High-Performance CPU Clocked at 5 GHz – FX-8770 Also Leaked

Hassan Mujtaba

A report from Sweclockers suggests that AMD can be upto something big for their upcoming FX CPU refresh. According to the report, AMD is possibly preparing an FX-9000 and FX-8770 processors.


AMD FX-9000 High-Performance FX CPU in the Works?

Both processors would be based on the x86 Piledriver architecture which may not spark interest among the PC crowd but its not the architecture that's astonishing about the new processors, its their clock speeds. AMD's FX-9000 which is a FX CPU refresh is aiming to push the clock speeds at 4.8 GHz base and 5.0 GHz Turbo core clock which is a record native frequency for any processor ever released. The FX-9000 still has 8 Piledriver modules and 8 MB of L3 cache, its compatible with the AM3+ socket and will support 1866 MHz+ memory. Another change is the TDP, the FX-9000 is probably gonna get a trophy for its massive 220W TDP which compared to the SB-E Intel processors is quiet high and would require some massive cooling solutions just to let the heat off.

While writing about the FX-9000 chip, the first thing that came to my mind was the FX-Centurion. A rumored processor which was also supposed to feature a 5 GHz clock frequency and design exactly the same as the FX-9000. Hexus who leaked this story also revealed that the chip would cost $795 making it the GeForce Titan of CPUs. The FX-9000 chip could be the Centurion, it seems so since the older rumor matches this story but i would not place bets on it.

AMD FX-9000 AMD FX-8770 AMD FX-8350
Architecture Piledriver Piledriver Piledriver
Family Vishera Vishera Vishera
Manufacture 32 nm SOI HKMG 32 nm SOI HKMG 32 nm SOI HKMG
Cores 8 pcs. (4 pcs. Modules) 8 pcs. (4 pcs. Modules) 8 pcs. (4 pcs. Modules)
CPU Clock Base 4.8 GHz Unknown 4.0 GHz
CPU Turbo Core 5.0 GHz Unknown 4.2 GHz
L2 cache 4 x 2 MB 4 x 2 MB 4 x 2 MB
L3 cache 8 MB 8 MB 8 MB
Max. DDR3 1866 MHz 1866 MHz 1866 MHz
TDP 220 W 220 W 125 W
Base AM3 + AM3 + AM3 +

The second processor that got leaked is the FX-8770, again a similar designed chip which would replace the FX-8350 and would have 8 Cores and a TDP of 220W. Its clock frequencies are not known but i suppose near 5 GHz for this chip is pretty much expected. No pricing or release date was mentioned but the only thing we have near to a possible release date could be a teaser released by AMD themselves on their Facebook page, according to that, more details are expected to arrive at Computex 2013 which goes live from 4th June. So if you're into high wattage TDPs, then the upcoming FX CPUs sure are built for you.


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