AMD FX-8350 (Piledriver) Arrives in Q3 2012 as Flagship Processor, Rumored to run beyond 4GHz

AMD would be launching three new processors being part of its Vishera platformin Q3 2012, which would include the flagship FX-8350 CPU. Based on the 32nm SOI architecture, FX-Vishera processors would feature upto eight x86 piledriver cores and compatibility with AMD's AM3+ socket motherboards. Each processor would be able to support DDR3 with rated frequencies of 1866MHZ+. Following are the details of these processors:

  • AMD FX-8350 8 Core Processor
  • AMD FX-6300 6 Core Processor
  • AMD FX-4320 4 Core Processor

Leading the pack is the flagship eight core FX-8350 with an unlocked multiplier offering the best overclocking experience, featuring a rated TDP of 125W and 16MB of Cache (L2/L3). Clocks speeds compared to the FX-8150 would be slightly increased and we can assume that it would touch around the 4GHz mark, The Turbo Core frequency would also be hovering around the 4.2GHz mark giving overall better performance the Bulldozer processors.

Other than this, The Six Core FX-6300 is also expected to arrive around the same time with 14MB Cache and a stock clock speed expected around 4GHz and Turbo Core beyond that.

Similarly, the Quad Core FX-4320 which is the successor to FX-4170 would arrive with 12MB Cache and 125W TDP. Like its predecessor, The chip would be clocked at 4.3-4.4GHz stock and 4.6GHz Turbo Core frequency.

For now, AMD has the desktop iteration of Trinity to launch and Kaveri later on which would be merged with ARM Cortex cores for enhanced HSA features. More on that here.

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