AMD Bulldozer Processors Launching in October 2011, New Pricing Details Unveiled

Donanimhaber has unveiled new release date and pricing info of AMD's Upcoming Bulldozer FX Processors. According to the details, Sources among retailers have revealed that AMD will be launching three new processors as part of its FX-Series Lineup on October 12 2011. This almost sounds legit since AMD delayed the launch of its processors from Q3 2011 (September) to Q4 2011.

New Pricing info has also been detailed which reveals that AMD would be releasing the processors at much cheaper prices then expected. Yup! The CPU's would cost even lower than the Pre-Order pricings posted by CPU-World a few weeks ago and they are slightly similar costing only a few bucks less.

The new Processors as told earlier would include the 8 Core FX-8150 3.6/4.2Ghz, 8Mb L3 Cache, 125W TDP which will cost $245, Next up is also an Eight Core CPU FX-8120 3.1/4.0Ghz, 8 Mb L3 Cache, 125W TDP costing 205$ and the Hexa Core FX-6100 3.3/3.6Ghz which would cost a mere 175$. These prices would make Bulldozer FX-Series a perfect choice for gamers and hardware enthusiast to get cheap 8 Core CPU's which feature great performance.

Some benchmarks have already been posted by various forums but many doubt their credibility since they're just Engineering Samples or bugged chips. AMD themselves unveiled a benchmark of AMD's top 8 Core CPU vs Intel's 990X Processor where the AMD CPU Scored 82FPS and Intel was behind with 80FPS, However both CPU's were bottle-necked by the GPU so the real CPU performance couldn't been analyzed.

While AMD's Bulldozer Platform seems to provide a better Price/Performance Ratio then Intel's Sandy Bridge lineup, The delay has caused the lineup to near with the launch of Intel's own Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy Bridge lineup which may take away the show from AMD. Its upto AMD now to deliver top notch performance with its Bulldozer Series which lives upto expectations!

Following are benchmarks of the two eight core processors:

AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 Gets Pitted Against Phenom II X6 1100T in a Clock-to-Clock Benchmark Comparison

First AMD Bulldozer FX-8120 Benchmarks Unveiled, Zambezi Processors also available for Pre-Orders



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