AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 Gets Pitted Against Phenom II X6 1100T in a Clock-to-Clock Benchmark Comparison

A clock-to-clock comparison of AMD's Upcoming Bulldozer FX-8150 versus the Phenom II X6 1100T Processors has been posted over at OBR Blog. The Zambezi and Phenom based processors were overclocked to 4.2Ghz for a fair benchmarking session since both come at Different Stock frequencies.

The FX-8150 as we've been detailing in our earlier posts is an Eight Core Bulldozer CPU with 3.6Ghz Stock and 4.2Ghz Turbo Frequency coupled with an 8Mb L3 Cache. The CPU is also been available for pre-orders on online stores for 266.26$ as reported here. The Bulldozer CPU used here falls under the B2 revision which fixes the performance bug noticed in the earlier revisions.

Both Processors were tested on the Gigabyte's GA-990FX-UD7 Motherboard, AM3+ Socket also supports backwards compatibility with current Phenom CPU's, 4GB DDR3 @ 1860Mhz, Geforce GTX580 GPU and Win 7 x64 bit OS. Following are the results:

AID64 Memory Benchmark (Read/Write/Copy):

  • AMD FX-8150: 15340Mb/s ,10241Mb/s , 18640Mb/s
  • AMD Phenom X6 1100T: 9308Mb/s , 6984Mb/s , 11800Mb/s

Super PI (1M Calculations):

  • AMD FX-8150: 20.514sec
  • AMD Phenom X6 1100T: 16.700sec
Cinebench R11.5 (Single / Multi Thread):
  • AMD FX-8150: 1.03 / 6.95 Points
  • AMD Phenom X6 1100T: 1.27 / 7.38 Points
WPrime 32M (1 x Core, 1 x Thread):
  • AMD FX-8150: 51.997 Sec
  • AMD Phenom X6 1100T: 36.612 Sec
Stalker Call of Pripyat Min/Max FPS (1080P, DX11, 4xMSAA, HBAO):
  • AMD FX-8150: 47.2 / 99.4 FPS
  • AMD Phenom X6 1100T: 48.3 / 98.9 FPS
Fritz Chess Benchmark:
  • AMD FX-8150: 11642 Kilo nodes/s
  • AMD Phenom X6 1100T: 14484 Kilo nodes/s

The benchmark shows that while Bulldozer FX-8150 is faster then Phenom at Stock Clock Speeds, The Performance Per Core is around 20% Slower when it was compared in Single Threaded Benchmarks. While in the MultiThreaded applications such as games, Bulldozer shines!

The FX-8150 also broke a Guinness World Record a few days ago by breaking the 8Ghz (8.429Ghz) Frequency Record. Details on that here.

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