AMD A-Series APU can Achieve 6.5 GHz Overclock with LN2

AMD A-Series APU family which was launched a few days ago can hit an overclock of 6.5 GHz on LN2 cooling, desktop products manager of AMD Adam Kozak announced.

AMD A-Series APUs were officially announced by AMD a few days ago bringing in great performance to users for an affordable cost. The company last year demonstrated that its Bulldozer "Zambezi-FX" can achieve beyond 8 GHz overclock, while Bulldozer was a high end platform, AMD has again taken an enthusiastic approach with its A-Series APUs confirming 6.5GHz overclock on the top A10-5800 and A8-5600 unlocked processors.

On the other hand, rival Intel has entry level chips of the same price range which also run great but don't support overclocking at all, the only chips which do allow overclocking are the K suffix models which cost as high as $220 compared to $150 of the A10-5800K which even at stock runs at 3.8 GHz and Turbos all the way up to 4.2 GHz.

The AMD A-Series APU family would be unleashed for retail within the next week. The company also has the High-End Vishera planned in sometime next months, more on that here.

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