Alleged Front Panels For BOTH Xiaomi Mi 8 And Xiaomi Mi7 Leak – Confirm Earlier Reveals And Provide New Details


As we move forward from the OnePlus 6's launch, leaks for the Xiaomi Mi7 and Mi8 have picked up the pace. Over the past few weeks, things have taken an interesting turn for the 2018 Min lineup. Initially, it was expected that Xiaomi will launch the Mi7 this year, which will mark itself as a direct generational upgrade over last year's Mi6.  However, recent rumors of an eighth-anniversary smartphone from Xiaomi have complicated matters. Today we've got another such leak. Head over below for the details.

Alleged Front Panel Leak Displays Two Different Items Which Might Suggest That Xiaomi Will Launch The Xiaomi Mi7 And Xiaomi Mi8 This Year

Presently, rumors suggest that Xiaomi is preparing a lot of heavy-duty specifications for its 2018 flagship smartphone lineup. The eighth-anniversary Mi smartphone, in particular, will feature both virtual fingerprint recognition and 3D facial scanning if we're to believe some very optimistic claims.   While it's still unlikely for Xiaomi to introduce 3D facial scanning on the Mi 8, virtual fingerprint sensing still sounds plausible since a solution is already available on the market.

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Taking things a step further, it's now believed that we just might get two different smartphones from Xiaomi this year. One of these, the Xiaomi Mi7 will feature traditional components. The other, Xiaomi's eighth-anniversary smartphone dubbed as the Xiaomi Mi8 will feature virtual fingerprint recognition. Today we've got a front panel leak that validates this hunch. Take a look.

If you've regularly followed our Xiaomi Mi7 leaks, you'll know that both of these panels have surfaced previously on the rumor mill. Taking a look at them side by side gives further credence to the fact that the Chinese manufacturer will indeed launch two different smartphones this year. If today's leak bears fruit, then neither of the devices will feature a fingerprint sensor on the front.

However, if rumors turn out accurate, then the Xiaomi Mi8 will carry virtual fingerprint recognition while the Xiaomi Mi7 will carry a standard physical button at its back. This makes us wonder the company's reasoning behind the decision to launch the Mi7, should it choose to do so. After all, the Mi Mix 2s is a great device that covers nearly every feature that the Mi7 will allegedly come with. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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