Will Xiaomi Launch Both The Xiaomi Mi7 And Xiaomi Mi8 This Year? Latest Alleged Front Panel Leak Adds More Complexity To Rumors


As we're done with the OnePlus 6, it's time to take a look at what else to expect from the flagship smartphone industry in H1 2018. Right now, the top contender is Xiaomi's Mi7, a device that has also surfaced regularly on the rumor mill over the past couple of months. The Chinese manufacturer was eager to join the annual flagship race early this year, as it launched an upgrade to the Mi Mix 2 in less than a year. Now, we're hearing a lot of interesting rumors for the Xiaomi Mi7. Today's leak looks to add more weight to one of these. Head over below for more details.

Alleged Front Panel For The Xiaomi Mi7 Lends More Credibility To Reports Of 3D Facial Scanning For The Device As Fresh Rumors Claim Xiaomi Will Rename The Device

One of the most frequent rumors for the Xiaomi Mi7 (or Mi8) relates to 3D facial recognition. Ever since Apple launched Face ID on the iPhone X last year, industry watchers are eager to find out which Android manufacturer will respond first. In addition, rumors for the Galaxy Note 9, while not providing confirmation for virtual fingerprint recognition for the phablet, have nevertheless brought the feature back into public discourse.

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Now, some wild reports out of China claim that Xiaomi will equip the Xiaomi Mi8 with both the features. While we're doubtful about that, reports that claim 3D facial recognition for the device have sped up recently and are often accompanied with claims that the device will launch by the. end of this month.

Today's leak adds a bit more intrigue to the mix, especially when compared alongside recent reports. Recently, some sources have claimed that the company will launch an eight-anniversary smartphone this year. This device will be dubbed as the Xiaomi Mi8, putting in doubt nearly every leak for the Xiaomi Mi7 that has taken place so far.

However, it is possible for the company to launch two Mismartphones this year, one of which is dubbed as the Mi7 and the other as Mi8. We had a detailed firmware leak a while back that suggested two different smartphones. In addition, if you compared earlier alleged front panels for the Xiaomi Mi7 (first image of this post) with today's image you'll see that this one has rounded corners, which in turn hints at a different design.

The cutout at the top also suggests a facial recognition setup on the smartphone,  raising doubts for its reported launch schedule. Xiaomi should launch the device soon enough if it is to follow last year's schedule. Of course, inconsistency on the Min lineup isn't something new either from the company. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: Weibo