Official AirPods User Guides Are Now Live – Learn to Use, Charge, Adjust Features


Apple has published user guides for AirPods. They outline how to use the earphones, charge them as well as adjust features.

Getting Started with AirPods is Plain Simple, As Outlined in Apple's Very Own Set of Guides

Despite being complicated in terms of technology, AirPods are pretty dead simple to use. In fact, getting started with them is a simple case of bringing the earphones near your iPhone and just tapping Connect. That's exactly what is outlined in Apple's new set of guides.

But here's a quick breakdown of the process on how to pair with an iPhone.

In order to pair your wireless earbuds with your iPhone, start off by unlocking your smartphone first. Once done, open the AirPods case and hold them next to your iPhone. A setup animation will appear on the screen. All you have to do is tap on Connect and then Done. If you are looking to pair the earbuds with other devices, Apple has outlined the process in their guide as well.

Users must have iOS 10.1 or above installed on their device in order use AirPods. Furthermore, once you pair the earphones with your iPhone, they'll be synced across all your iCloud enabled devices so you don't have to go through the pairing trouble again.

Apart from the above mentioned tutorial, Apple has guides related to charging the AirPods as well, along with a  guide for adjusting features which you can use with the earphones. These features include Automatic Ear Detection, Double-Tap on AirPods etc.

If you want to check out all the guides, then simply tap on the relevant link below.

Given the fact that orders for Apple's new wireless Bluetooth earbuds went live today, with early shipments arriving around the 20th of December, it's handy to know how you can use the accessory beforehand. As outlined in the guides themselves, AirPods are pretty darn easy to get around with. The Charging Case does what it should and provides 24 hours of battery life. Whereas the pairing process is mind-bogglingly simple. Even those with no experience with Bluetooth accessories will get a hang of it pretty quickly, we are certain.

Many users will be disappointed to learn that Apple's new earbuds won't ship for at least a few weeks, if you order them right now. But if you are willing to pay a premium, then you might want to consider heading over to eBay, where sellers are already charging a handful amount of money if you want the earphones early.

We will still suggesting going down the route where you wait this one out.