Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charging Mat Will Cost Less Than AirPods and Will Be Able to Charge the Entire 2018 iPhone Lineup


Rumor after rumor, the AirPower wireless charging mat continues to be reported under this category but unfortunately, Apple has not revealed when it actually plans to commercialize this accessory, which to remind you, was announced back in 2017 during the inception of the iPhone X. Now, industry insiders claim to have a clue on what the AirPower will cost you and while it is going to be an expensive accessory, it is going to cost less than a pair of AirPods and its prowess will also include charging the entire 2018 iPhone lineup.

AirPower Expected to Cost $149 - Will Inductively Be Able to Charge All Three New iPhone Models Getting Announced This September

The pricing details were shared by a Chinese website named Chongdiantou, which has stated that industry insiders have apparently shared that the retail price of the AirPower will be 1,000 Yuan, which converts into $145, and if we’re rounding this off, MacRumors reports that the price will come to around $149. This makes it cheaper than the AirPods, which carried a price of $159 at launch. However, if you think about it, it just another wireless charging accessory designed to inductively charge multiple devices in unison.

Apple Working on Abandoned AirPower-Like Charger and Long-Range Wireless Charging, More

Since all the three iPhone models getting unveiled this year will get support for Qi wireless charging, there is no doubt that you will simultaneously be able to provide juice to all three phones once you have laid them on the AirPower charging accessory in a correct manner. While we know the alleged price of this product, it has been several months and still, there is no sign of a commercial entry.

Our wild guess is that the AirPower wireless charging mat is going to be officially launched this year at Apple’s September keynote and possibly an apology from Apple as to why it took so long for the California-based giant to come up with something like this.

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News Source: Chongdiantou