AirPods Could Gain Lossless Streaming Capabilities Through a New Audio Format That Apple Is Reportedly Working On


When Apple Music introduced Lossless audio support for subscribers, it was viewed as a massive upgrade, but sadly, there was a catch. Apple later confirmed that the AirPods Max did not support Lossless or Hi-res Lossless streaming, meaning none of the in-ear AirPods models did either. However, Apple might have something in the works, with a rumor claiming that a proprietary high-fidelity audio is in the works that will enable Lossless music streaming.

Currently, AirPods cannot stream lossless music, but prolific leaker Jon Prosser says that this could change with an update. All the AirPods line use lossy AAC format over Bluetooth to stream audio and cannot stream lossless ALAC or FLAC files. First reported by AppleTrack, Prosser says that Apple could release a new audio format that improves lossless streaming.

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This strategy relates to Apple’s move with AirTag, which enables third-party compatibility first and then a proprietary option. For now, it kind of makes sense that AirPods and AirPods Pro cannot stream Lossless audio as they are a completely wireless solution. Moreover, the restrictions of a USB to Lightning cable on the AirPods Max prevents it from supporting it too, which would make customers livid, as they coughed up $549 on these.

It is possible that this new high-fidelity format would be built in Bluetooth 5.0, and if the rumor is correct, a possible place for this announcement would be WWDC, which starts on June 7. To recap, Apple has announced some new features coming to Apple music which includes Lossless, high-resolution audio, Dolby Atmos, and Spatial Audio.

All new features are expected to arrive in June with iOS 14.6iPadOS 14.6tvOS 14.6, or macOS 11.4 updates.

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News Source: AppleTrack