AeroCool Announces the LUX RGB 850M Power Supply

Evan Federowicz
Source: AeroCool

AeroCool has announced the LUX RGB power supply, which features an 80 PLUS Bronze certified and a maximum power capacity of 850 watts. This power supply features RGB lighting on the size, and this RGB lighting features up to 13 preset lighting effects, which can be easily controlled through the LED control button. AeroCool has yet to announce any pricing information for the LUX RGB 850M power supply or when this power supply will be available for purchase.

The LUX RGB 850M Power supply features an RGB LED design which can be controlled through an LED Control button

The LUX RGB 850M power supply features a stylish and elegant RGB LED design, The design of this power supply is straightforward, but the main feature is the RGB lights on the side of the power supply. This power supply design is built to offer 30% increased ventilation, while the increased ventilation allows the internal components to stay cool even during heavy workloads.

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Source: AeroCool

The LUX RGB 850M power supply features a semi-modular design, which means that the motherboard and CPU connectors cannot remove. In contrast, the SATA and GPU connectors can be disconnected to offer increased airflow and remove unneeded cables. This design also allows for much easier installation into small form factors or PC builds with a small amount of space for extra cable clutter.

Source: AeroCool

This power supply is rages for 80 PLUS Bronze 230V EU certification, which states that this power supply has up to 88% power efficiency. This lets PC builders know how much power this power supply can reliably output. The included fan on the LUX RGB 850M Power supply is a 120 mm fan that features an optimized thermal fan speed control. This shows that when starting up or on low workloads, the fan will spin below 800 ROM, but the fan speed increases significantly when the workload increases. This allows the power supply to stay fairly quiet during normal operation but still can power high-end power components during heavy workloads.

This power supply features an RGB LED controlled through either the LED control button, which cycles through thirteen unique lighting effects, or connected to the PC's addressable RGB port. This allows even further customization of the power supply.

AeroCool has yet to announce any pricing information of the LUX RGB 850M Power supply or any availability information for this power supply.

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