AeroCool Intros The Cylon 4F Tower-Type CPU Heatsink Cooler

AeroCool has introduced the Cylon 4F CPU cooler, a mainstream tower-type CPU cooler that features an anodized aluminum fin-stack. The fin stack is connected to the CPU base with four 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes, which make direct contact with the CPU. This allows for fantastic thermal transfer when compared to other CPU coolers, which don’t allow the heat pipes to make direct contact with the CPU base.

AeroCool’s Cylon 4F CPU Heatsink Cooler Offers Great All-Black Aesthetics and The Option To Display RGB

The features of the Aero Intros Cylon 4F CPU cooler are:

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  • The 120 mm fan
    • This 120 mm fan cools the aluminum heatsink, and this fan can spin at a variable speed of between 800 to 1,800 RPM, which pushes 26.1 to 52.5 CFM of air, all while keeping the noise range from 14 to 26 dBA. 
  • Heat Pipes
    • This CPU cooler uses four 6 mm thick heat pipes, which make direct contact with the CPU. Allowing for the best thermal transfer when compared to other CPU coolers.
  • RGB Lighting
    • The fan has RGB lights, which makes the blades of the fan be colored, along with the fan itself having RGB lights. 
    • The shroud surrounding has RGB lights which surround the fan. The shroud also features an RGB strip that goes right down the middle of the CPU cooler. 
    • These RGB lights can be synced using the motherboards 4-pin RGB connector.   
  • Overall Dimensions of the CPU cooler
    • The dimensions of this CPU cooler measures 126.5 mm x 76 mm x 155 mm (WxDxH) this allows the CPU cooler to be compatible with mid-tower to full tower cases while some smaller form-factor cases may not have enough space for this CPU cooler. 
  • Supported Sockets 
    • The Cylon 4F CPU cooler offers support for AMD’s AM4 socket while also providing support for Intel’s LGA115x socket and Intel’s LGA2066 sockets. 
    • Sinch, this CPU cooler, supports all of Intel’s and AMD’s consumer sockets, while AMD’s TR4 socket and Intel’s X-series socket.

AeroCool has stated that the Cylon 4F can cool up to a 145 watt CPU with no issue, this means that this cooler can efficiently cool any mainstream chip, even the 16 core AMD Ryzen 9 3950x CPU with little to no problem. AeroCool has not released any pricing for this cooler yet but we will keep you updated once we get the word.

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