AeroCool Announces The Cylon 3H Top-Flow CPU Cooler

Cylon 3H
Source: GALAX

AeroCool has announced the Cylon 3H CPU cooler, this cooler features a maximum TDP of 125 watts, and the included fan offers a speed range of 800 RPM up to 1,800 RPM. This CPU cooler features a "C-type" aluminum fin-stack design. AeroCool has yet to announce any pricing or when this CPU cooler will be available for purchase.

The Cylon 3H CPU cooler utilizes a top-down design with a maximum TDP of 125 watts and creating a maximum noise level of 24.3 dBA

The Cylon 3H CPU cooler features a unique design, and this design is showcased in the RGB lighting, not on the fan blades. The RGB lighting is showcased through an RGB ring with a silicon diffuser around the fan blades. This RGB ring is compatible with ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and Gigabyte RGB Fusion, using this CPU coolers 3-pin XWD connector. This RGB light is easily seen from a tempered glass side panel as the CPU cooler's unique design sees the RGB lighting facing outwardly. The heat pipes touch directly on the CPU heat spreader; this allows for faster heat transfers.

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Source: GALAX

The Cylon 3H CPU cooler utilizes a Top-Down Cooling design. This design allows the CPU Cooler to quickly and efficiently pull heat away from the CPU while still offering a large amount of compatibility with various cases. This CPU cooler utilizes an aluminum heatsink with three heat pipes that have a 6 mm diameter. This aluminum heatsink, 6 mm heat pipes, and included fan allow this CPU cooler to feature a maximum thermal design power of 125 watts.

Source: GALAX

The included fan features a Hydraulic Bearing with a size of 125 mm, and this fan features a speed range of 600 RPM up to 1,800 RPM. At the maximum fan speed, this fan-created a noise level of just 24.3 dBA with a minimum noise level of 13.4 dBA while creating a maximum airflow of 60.8 CFM. This fan features a maximum air pressure of 1.48 mm-H20.

Source: GALAX

AeroCool has yet to announce any pricing information for the Cylon 3H CPU cooler or when this CPU Cooler will be available for purchase. This CPU cooler offers Intel and AMD CPU sockets compatibility, including Intel's LGA 1200 and AMD's AM4 sockets.

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